EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 8

Volume 5 Issue 1 Table of contents 94 106 74 81 88 Delayed Immigration Adjudication Learn the pros and cons for using a lawsuit to speed up the decision of a green card World’s Top International Citizenship-by-Investment Programs Learn about global trends with international immigration investment programs Are You Breaking the Law? Learn how to avoid immigration-related employment discrimination Costly Mistakes Options for investors when a past mistake puts a stop to their immigration dreams EB-5 Extension and Development Learn about the new developments regarding Congress’ temporary extension of the EB-5 program 109 Huimin "Jenny" Zhan Huimin "Jenny" Zhan, president of Good Hope Investment, shares insight on EB-5 investment immigration 97 Z[[HHX[[[\وܚ[]PMH[\ܜH\X[TXZ[X\]ŒLLŒLB\ؘ[ۙ\[\”YH]XH\[\\][[]Y\\[Hܛ[HZ^YHH\HۛX[][B[\B\Z[Y\PH[\ܜXY^[H][[ۙ\[\\H[H[\[XX[X^H[YH[H\Y[[H[]Y]\܈ܙZYۈ[Y\X^HH[\\Y[PMB[\Y[ܝ[]Y\ˈ][Y\^X]ܜ[XZ\]\][[ۙ\[\[ۜ[]Z\ۈY[[[Y\[\X[H]X\]Y\]܈[Hۙ[܂[YX\]Y\ٙ\[ˈPH[\ܜXY^[HݚY\Y[YXHۘ\[\X[H]X\]Y\]H][Y\^X]ܜ[XZ\]]ۙ\[\[][˂‘PHSTԔHQVS