EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 121

Attendees with various EB-5 program knowledge levels had the opportunity to learn about pressing investment immigration issues via a dual-track of beginner and advanced panels. The panels covered a broad spectrum of current and forward-looking EB-5 matters, from “Migration Agents: Selling EB-5 in the Likelihood of a New Era,” to “The Expanding Role of the Broker-Dealer,” to “Regional Center/Issuer Obstacles: What Lies Ahead in 2017.” The 90-plus panelists included preeminent immigration professionals, regional center owners and creators, securities attorneys, migration agency principals and other major EB-5 service providers. Rep. Polis also provided further insight from Capitol Hill during the “EB-5 Government and Legislation Considerations” panel, which was especially timely given the DHS’s announcement of the proposed changes to the EB-5 program. facilitators mingled during the scheduled coffee breaks, building connections in an intimate environment, and the networking opportunities continued with a private cocktail reception for invited guests. The full-day convention in January commenced with a full house at the general session and breakfast, with Rep. Polis delivering a keynote address that highlighted the importance of continui [[\ݚ[HPMBܘ[KYܙH[\]X[HXY\H\[H[\[\[ۈ[[ ^[HXZ\[ZH^\YH[Z[\YX][ۈ^[[[[ܙX\[H[Yܚ]HوHPMHܘ[KH M\Y\PMH [\Y[[[ZYܘ][ۂ۝[[ۈۘYYۈ]\^H][[]BZ[X\[ۈ܈[Y\ݚY[H[[ܝ[]H]Y]HX]\X[\[Y[˜Z[[][]KY]H[\Hۙ\[K][Y\Y[\H[H]ܚZY[ۂPMH[\H][[\X]ۜܜ]B[\\]H\^Hو[H^X]܈[ [Z[X\[]X\\H\[]H\[X[\Y\PMH [\Y[[[ZYܘ][ۂ۝[[ۋ[\H\ݙ\[Z[H]]BYYXX]H][ [Y[H[[X˜[[[\[X[ۋHܝ\۝[Z[X[]]HPMHܘ[K[X\[[[][]KBZ[[\[HؙH]H M[[\‘PMH [\Y[[[ZYܘ][ۈ۝[[ۈ[[KPRSTԔːH L