EB5 Investors Magazine (English Edition) Volume 5, Issue 1 - Page 111

H uimin "Jenny" Zhan, CFA, is the president of Good Hope Investment, a subsidiary of Creditease Corporation specializing in investor programs for global residence and citizenship. Before founding Good Hope in 2014, Zhan was chief strategy officer of Ambow Education Holding Ltd. She has also served as senior consultant for several multi-national financial organizations in Asia since 2011. per-person based quota system to a per-applicant based counting system, or, issuing EAD to applicants with I-526 approvals are all feasible approaches to resolve the issue.  Prior to shifting focus to China, Zhan was a portfolio manager and managing director of GMO LLC, a Boston- based global investment leader specializing in managing multi-asset class strategies. She was recognized for GMOs successful Greater China equity research and Emerging Market portfolio management from 2002 to 2011. Any industry that requires capital going overseas should be concerned, but globalization of its currency is the long-term goal of the Chinese government.      What is unique about your company compared to other migration agencies?  We only offer EB-5 regional center projects right now, but we could provide direct investment projects for our clients if there is a market need for it.   Good Hope is a subsidiary of CreditEase, a global le Y\[X\]XH[[[ۙHوH\\X[X[Y[Y[\[Y\[[KBXX[^\[[\܈ܘ[\܈\Y[H[]^[\ H[\\Y]ܝ[]YX[[HܙX][HY[ۈ\X\]H[Hؘ[^][ۂXHX\H[\X[ܛXܙ\X[X[Y[Y[][ۜˈH\[Y[]ܛ ]YBܝ[]Y\[\H[\Y[ Y]X[]BYX][ۋY[^Z]Y][ۈ[\][][ۋ++•[[HY[HXYH[\[\\[\+’H[YܙY]X\H[ Lˈ]Hܛ\وZK[Z[Y\\HY[YH[X\H M \˜[[\Y[ٙ\[ۘ[][[Kˈ܈[ق^H\Y\YKH\[X^YHHPMHܘ[B\\[YHY[[[H]][YKH[HX\]X[HYYY[\[K[Yܚ]H[ٙ\[ۘ[\KXH]X[]HX[X[Y[Y[\H[ݚYHYHX\H[\\و\Y[[HY]ܝ[Z[Y\[[KHY]›\[\\[[\Y[Y\܈[܈H\PMH][ۜ܈\Y[[Y[X\][š[[ZYܘ][ۈX˸+•]\HHY\؜X\X[HPMHܘ[O+\H[HܜYYX]H[ܙX\Y[\H\][۝+‘\[\\[Hٙ\BY[ۘ[[\[ۈ[H\X[\Y[[ۏ+•][وڙX[H\X[B܈[[H]HH\X]HZHۈ[ܙHڙX+•HYHYH[Y[\[H[[ۛH[[K˂X[\]H[\Y[ˈ]][X]\PMHڙXBY\[\XZ]Y]H[\\K\[X]X˜[ۋ\\[X]X\ˈ\[KۛH\[ B\[وHڙX[\H][X][ۈ[]\ݘ[HܙY]X\x&\\۝[Z]YH›X\]]H[ +‘[HX\]\[\Y[[[ZYܘ][ۈܘ[\\Y\PMO+++•H[\[HX\]KˈPLPH[PLPܘ[B[H\H]\X[[[YX[[\Y[[[ZYܘ][ۈܘ[\˸+•]\H[\[܈^[[ۈق[\\[O¸+•H]HY\Y[&H[X[[^[\[[[ZYܘ[&HX\[K[Y[^[[\H[\Y[ \][][ۋYX][ۂ[[[[[Z[H\ +•HۙXوH[\H\X][ۜ\\[H]X][\و\ܘ[K[[H\[PRSTԔːH LL