EatInEatOut WINTER 2016 - Page 27

Smoothies... in a bowl? Smoothie bowls have been gaining popularity in the recent months and we thought we'd take our turn whipping up a few. Fresh, vibrant-coloured bowls topped with healthy, crunchy toppings - how can you go wrong? In the cold, muddy greys and whites of the enduring Canadian winter, it can be tough to find the sunshine... especially in your diet. Getting an array of colourful fruits and vegetables in your diet is paramount for good health as they contain hundreds of colourful phytochemicals, acting as antioxidants, that help to clean up potentially damaging free radicals before they get the chance. But most importantly, they're delicious. We've packed as many healthboosting ingredients into these smoothie bowls as possible so you can brighten up your day from the inside out and beat those winter blahs. BY KELLY BRISSON, EAST COAST EDITOR WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA 27