EatInEatOut Winter 2015 - Page 34

t he holidays can take a lot out of a body. The overindulgence, close-quarters with friends and family as you visit, cold weather and lack of sleep can sure take it's toll. Now that the glitter of the holiday season has settled and we're back into our winter routines, you might finally be succumbing to that flu that's been just at your fingertips for the last few hectic weeks. Certainly if not a flu, the chilling temperatures of winter are enough to warrant diving into one of these sizzling hot beverages. While I've added booze to all three drinks, they're not absolutely essential to their deliciousness. I've tried them with and without, and feel that both ways work well, but a little tipple never hurt anybody here and there. Especially in the chilling months of Canadian winter. Whether fending off a cold or sipping for sheer enjoyment, these warm drinks leave your tummy warm and your heart happy. 34 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA