EatInEatOut Summer 2015 - Page 39

T BY KELLY BRISSON, EAST COAST EDITOR ucked among the ever-developing food hub of Beechwood Village stands a lone red door. You might miss it if you bat an eye, but I would urge against that. Behind that inconspicuous door lies Red Door Provisions. A bright and affable space where unique flavour, tradition and innovation come to play. When Lauren Power, owner of RDP, envisioned opening a food business, she saw a space that would primarily serve as a preserve shop and teaching space, with a small cafe designed around it. A space with expertly pulled espresso drinks, preserves to purchase and a sprouting list of classes offered to eager canning-novices. Where the food menu would be simple, a second thought to the teaching, coffee and preserves. But supply and demand forced a change that most customers of RDP would agree was a blessing in disguise. The food was disappearing faster than staff had envisioned and a need grew for more options in larger quantities to appease the masses. And so the focus expanded to offer food as well-considered as the espresso and colourful jars that lined the sun-strewn shelves. Most important to Lauren was creating something new and unique to Ottawa. Focused not on rapid growth and expansion, but on a slower, more deliberate plan built around sust