EatInEatOut Summer 2015 - Page 14

Car camping and cottaging: • Map out your foods. Brainstorm meals and snacks with your family as this will help you plan how much and what foods to pack. This will also keep food waste to a minimum. Plan for one pot meals which make things easy. Remember to include any condiments or spreads you may need. Keep lunches simple and go picnic style. • Cook before you go. Making your dinners ahead of time and freezing them is a huge time saver. You’ll really feel like you’re on vacation. Just heat the food until it’s piping hot. • Take more than one cooler. For meals, use a hard-bodied cooler which works better at keeping foods cold compared to a soft cooler bag. For camping, put drinks in a separate cooler as it will be opened more frequently. • Get creative to keep it cold. Use large frozen bottles of water as ice packs. The best part is you can drink the water when it melts. As you run out of water, buy bagged ice available at most campgrounds and small town convenience stores. CAMPINGFRIENDLY FOODS 14 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA Five easy meal ideas for camping 1. Quesadillas – Layer tortillas with precooked veggies and cheese. Wrap in foil and heat. 2. Baked potato – Foil wrap yellowfleshed or sweet potato. Cook over fire until tender. Top with cheese, refried beans and plain Greek yogurt. 3. Salmon – In a large foil, place cubes of salmon with chunks of zucchini, mushrooms and pepper slices. Add herbs and lemon slices. Wrap tightly and cook. 4. Chili – Make ahead and reheat. Serve with pasta if you wish. 5. Butter chicken – Make ahead with spinach and chickpeas. Serve with whole grain naan Hope these ideas inspire you in choosing your own delicious outdoor dinners. Have a sensational summer!