EatInEatOut SPRING/SUMMER 2016 - Page 39

S trolling through a local farmers' market, it’s not hard to see what the season has to offer. Late summer brings cartons of ripe, juicy peaches, and a variety of colourful, tart plums, apricots, and other stone fruits that litter the stalls. Bright greens, baskets of misshapen, brightly-hued tomatoes and pints of fragrant, shadowy blackberries vie for table space, telling us we're in the thick of summer. What farmers, gardeners and local food advocates know, is that what's ripe is what tastes best. While it's convenient to be able to purchase these foods during the cold winter days, they just don’t taste like they’re supposed to. So while they’re at their peak, dig in, eat as much fresh produce as possible, and let the experience of eating in season tickle your tastebuds and activate your senses, starting with Chewy Blackberry Brownies, Socca with Fresh, Briny Tomato Salad, and Roasted Apricot Popsicles. WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA 39