EatInEatOut SPRING/SUMMER 2016 - Page 25

N othing says Spring quite like that first bin of sweet and vibrant, emerald green peas at the market. They signify a change in season, hope that summer is just around the corner. These jewel-toned beauties are so versatile and add a brightness and a pop of texture to any dish. Their mild sweetness plays well with salty flavours and the classic pairing of mint can really bring a pea to life. Experimenting with new herbs (like tarragon or sweet basil) can spin an old favourite in a delicious way too! Incorporating them into breakfast, lunch or dinner adds a dose of protein, fiber, vitamin A & B and plenty more. So switch up your boiled peas with butter for something a little more exciting. We're sure they'll bring family and friends to the table! WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA 25