EatInEatOut Spring 2015 - Page 4

PUBLISHER’S NOTE Are we there yet? At this point, bringing up the fact that this was the coldest February in Toronto - ON RECORD - is just pushing salt into an old wound. Let’s instead think ‘happy’ thoughts of tulips, green grass and fresh local produce... ahh... Spring at last! Even though I love my crock pot, rich comfort foods and hot Remember to check out our blog at New original recipes & reviews each week Follow me on twitter @eatineatoutmag Follow me on pinterest eatineatoutmag cocoa, it’s time to set them aside and make room for the first of the 2015 harvest, asparagus; can’t wait! But for now, this issue is focused on healthy eating. We explore the really hot trend of fermented foods, with six delicious new recipes. Who knew pairing the goodness of canola oil and the sweetness of honey would create recipes made in heaven. Joyce Parslow is back to talk about plate portions and a new app to help you learn to cook. Some of your favourite takeout foods get a healthy makeover, great new food products are coming, and much more. A new feature, Local, will explore innovative stores, services or people across Canada that deserve a close-up look. This time I introduce you to an awesome new recipe delivery service - Fresh City - that I took for a test-drive. One thing, there are no new bloggers in this issue... sad face. That’s because the Summer issue will have a huge blogger feature, so make sure you nominate your favourite... see page 56 for details. That’s it, issue 15 already! Enjoy it, and thanks for continuing to share with family and friends. Cheers, Lori Lori Kennedy, publisher 4 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA