EatInEatOut Spring 2015 - Page 22

W hat’s the deal with digestive health? The digestive system requires a delicate balance of a diverse concoction of acids, bases, enzymes and microbes to function properly. The key players in our digestive health include the trillions of bacteria that set up shop in our large intestine known as probiotics. Feeding primarily on undigested fibres, starches and carbohydrates in our food, these gut bugs play an essential role in our overall health, including liberating or creating some essential nutrients, building natural barriers to keep toxins from being absorbed, and stimulating a strong immune system. Fermented foods are another great source of probiotics. The fermentation process can break down barriers to some of the nutrients in food. This helps us to access and absorb more of the healthful nutrients in our food, including phytonutrients, some amino acids, B-vitamins and some minerals like zinc and magnesium. Fermented foods are another great way of supporting digestive health. by The Canadian Health Food Association 22 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA You no our