EatInEatOut Holiday 2016 - Page 65

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Shimmer 5 parts Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 1 part vanilla flavoured vodka 1 tsp honey syrup (2:1 ratio, honey to water, mixed well) 1 dash Angostura bitters 2 tsp edible gold leaf Combine liquid ingredients and 1 tsp gold leaf with ice in a mixi \ˈ\]XH[Z[ݙ\\XH \H[œY\XJH[H\ˈXܘ]BZ[][XZ[[XYPRT B[Hܘ]ٛܙۛٛZBKH\[Hܘ]ٛܙ]]Yۛۈ[ŒH\[[H]\YBH\X]HXH\\ K̈\[[ۈZXBK̈\[YHZXBH\Y]BH\ܙX[B]\[]\X[H[[ܙYY[[HZ\]]XH[ZHKYXH[ZKZ[[\[\\[]\[H\Y[X[H\H[\وH\ˈHXYوB[[Z\HXݙHH\\\YH[]\XYKPRT BPUHPHTTX[H H\]YX]HXH] H\]BY\[[\Y YܙH\[˜[ܙHYY\]Y ˑPUSPUU BB