EatInEatOut Holiday 2016 - Page 16

EATIN EATOUT ANNIVERSARY MEMORIES It seems like yesterday we were just starting out, determined to bring you delicious recipes and thoughtful restaurant reviews from across Canada. EIEO has changed a lot over the last five years, and thanks to talented contributors and loyal readers, we were able to serve up 22 issues of inspiring food. As this is the final issue, indulge us as we take a walk down memory lane... LOOKING BACK EATIN EATOUT w w w. E ATT I N E AT O U T . c a FERM MENTED FOODS? PERFECT PORT TIONS HAN BY STEP IE ARSENAU LT, glob CONNEC UT .ca pring Fever Feve err " " SSpring ##% FREE DIG ITAL EZINE T OVER FO OD. +  PICK: algary’s t’s where C times. Tha comes in.  River Café   holi during the is loDining out rant itself  tau  res e a  The land, just days can b . Do  Prince’s Is  adventure cated on  Calgary,  haunt? precarious wntown our regular unded north of do you go to y goon, surro the ut a new  check o next to a la  In  e to est. the  dar  fin Or, t its ghting   while fi by nature a land is a restaurant nd the nths, the is e traffic, a cold mo , and the s land eate crowds, th der erm ll that p winter won wintery chi or all that   ? f restaurant kling rd; a your bones sed in twin eed a rewa encompas work, you n nce that will erie lights.  nu full dining exp ovide a me er y pr  onl but not es,  r of the Riv l, local dish The interio the décor, a ill at w of seasona tic;   natosphere th Café is rus bination of also an atm arm and utiful com  peru feel all w t of bea nt. It’s the make yo llies ega  chi d el n at the ural an by the cozy – eve  warm up  fect spot to 16 ww w. EA TIN EATO gary er Café, Cal Riv ERTA OUR ALB Afé RIvER C EATIN EATOUT WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA HOLIDA dinner foYr 8! VERSAT ROAST BILEE EF Our Premier issue, November 2012 COOKIES TO SHAR E Food Blogg ers + of Canada Reviews - Tor onto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ha lifax SPRING 2015, ISSUE 15 WIN 1 OF 3 FITNESS TRACKERS $120 EACH