EatInEatOut Holiday 2015 - Page 68

Something more savoury beside something more sweet, something crumbly beside something chewy, something fancy and filled beside something unassuming and small. What could be a better dilemma then choosing between a buttery cinnamon shortbread, a crisp-edged, chewy-centred white chocolate molasses cookie, and a classic chocolate crackle dressed up as a double decker with decadent mint frosting? All three of these recipes start with your basic drop cookies. Drop cookies, which involve nothing more than making dough, shaping it into balls, and baking, are your friend during the busy holiday season. No rolling to ΒΌ-inch thickness, no dough chilling, no cookie cutter fuss. A drizzle of chocolate, sprinkle of white chocolate chips, and quick roll in powdered sugar bring each of these cookies up a notch. In platters full of chocolate and caramel, tarts and squares, sprinkles and sparkles, the unassuming cookie needs to be holiday ready, and these three irresistible cookies definitely earn their place. 68 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA