EatInEatOut Holiday 2014 - Page 67

Starting a blog can be daunting, even if you're already well versed in the art. One thing that makes it much easier is having co-writers who speak the same language, have the same visions and generally "get" you. Kris Osborne of 80Twenty approached a few Canadian bloggers back in late summer with an idea. A blog focused on baking . One that showcases photography that's rustic and charming, with recipes as unique as the individuals behind them. From Toronto to Vancouver, BAKED - The Blog is made up of Kris Osborne (Toronto), Ashley Colbourne (Toronto), Laura Wright (Niagara), Kelly Brisson (Ottawa) and Gabriel Cabrera (Vancouver). All authors and developers of their own food blogs already, everyone brings a unique and already established voice to the table, quite literally. A little about each author: KRIS OSBORNE is a recipe developer and food photographer from Toronto, Ontario. She is a culinary graduate with a background in holistic health . Her blog, 80twenty, celebrates healthy, tasty, vibrant food that most often reflects what’s local and in season. She works as a private chef, teaches cooking