EatInEatOut FALL 2016 - Page 33

BY STEPHANIE ARSENAULT, WEST COAST EDITOR Pasta is one of those extra-versatile ingredients that is a staple in everyone’s pantry. It adheres to dietary restrictions, with wheat-free, high-protein, whole-grain, and veggie-based options, it’s inexpensive, and can be dressed up or down, creating the simplest of dishes to the most lavish of meals. It’s incorporated into nearly every type of cuisine, and everybody (even kids! Gasp!) loves it. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying, and are obviously not to be trusted… On that note, pasta is the perfect base for a quick weeknight dinner. Pair it with a few tasty ingredients (lemon, peanut butter, turkey – oh my!) and you’ve got yourself a drool-worthy meal in no time. Here are three simple, delicious pasta dishes that will please any palate, and take just 20 minutes or less to make. They all serve four, but make great leftovers, so don’t hesitate to pack up a bowl for lunch the next day. WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA 33