EatInEatOut Fall 2014 - Page 6

MARKETPLACE BY ESSENTIALS A COLLECTION OF HEALTHY SNACK FOODS FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL LUNCHBAGS. It’s not always easy to send your kids back to school with healthy snacks and lunches. Processed, pre-packaged foods can save you time, but what you save in time you pay for in poor nutrition. The team at searches the country for delicious foods made with quality ingredients by Canada's most passionate food producers. Here are some of our favourite all-natural snack ideas to ensure your child has a rocking lunch they’ll never want to give up! BLONDIE BARS from Made with Local Packed full of ingredients from small, independent farmers and food producers, every bar is loaded with protein and fibre and a 3:1 carb-to-protein ration ideal for pre or post workout. LOW-SUGAR DRIED CRANBERRIES from Terra Beata Cranberry Farm To make dried cranberries, most companies start by squeezing the juice out of the berries. Terra Beata leaves the juice in, keeping the vitamins and tangy cranberry taste. Plus, only 14g of sugar in a 32g serving, compared to competing brands with as much as 27g. 6 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA