EatInEatOut Fall 2014 - Page 30

1. Get Your Head In The Game I would love to tell you I’ve figured out how to take my little one to the exquisite fusion bistro downtown - the one with the tablecloths and the really nice silverware - but I haven’t. What I have learned, though, is to alter my expectations of what’s going to be possible and enjoyable for all when it comes to eating out with my mini-me. As with so many aspects of parenthood, I’ve found that I suffer a lot less frustration if I can remember that, though life won’t always be this way,. Right now my kid places some boundaries on my life that I’d be wise to respect. I don’t expect to be able to take my little angel out to the swankiest resto in town and come out of the experience with my sanity intact. Instead, I’ve gotten comfortable with the idea of scoping out the best diners in the city, or comparing the ‘za’s at the liveliest pizze