EatInEatOut Fall 2014 - Page 10

MUSSELS Prepaing, Cooking and Enjoying a Sensational Seafood By Alain Bossé and Linda Duncan Mussels have long been a staple on resurant menus, but have been featured less frequently in home kitchens and backyard grills. It is our good fortune that Alain Bossé and Linda Duncan met and decided to make it their mission to spread the word about these tasty molluscs. This cookbook, Mussels - Preparing, Cooking and Enjoying a Sensational Seafood, is the satisfying result. It includes recipes for using mussels in every type of dish, from where you would expect them - in appetizers, 10 WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA salads and mains - to where they are a delightful, whimsical surprise - in pickles, pies and cocktails. Mussel Strudel, anyone? Mussels is for anyone who is passionate about mussels and looking for new ways to cook and eat them. Many people hesitate to cook mussels at home because they don't know how. This book shows how easy it is to choose, store and cook this healthy and tasty seafood. Whether it’s your first time cooking mussels or a seasoned seafood veteran, this book has the recipe for you. Some of my favourite recipes include: • coconut and panko mussels • cajun mussel soup • thai mussels with asian noodles • mussel quiche With over 77 recipes, Mussels will show you how easy it is to cook this seafood with confidence. ($29.95) Alain and Linda have shared one of the recipes from their new book Canadian Curried Mussels - a must try!