EatInEatOut Autumn 2015 - Page 57

F eeding your sweet new baby solids after so long on liquids can be a stressful time. But once you've started to rule out allergies and get a good idea of what your little one can handle, making baby food can be a fun and rewarding way to spend time in the kitchen - especially if you can get your little one involved in the process when they're old enough. And you might even enjoy a spoon (or airplane) full of these healthy treats yourself! These recipes include a colourful array of fruits and veggies, and plenty of healthy proteins for your wee one to experiment with. They can be easily adapted to what you have on hand and what your baby enjoys. Keep these easy tips in mind when feeding your baby solids: • start with one food at a time to rule out allergies • offer a variety of textures and colours • be sure your baby can sit up and has good head control they can turn it from food when they’re full • use a soft-tipped spoon so as not to damage baby's gums • introduce it slowly and let your baby explore without forcing it on him/her WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA 57