EatInEatOut Autumn 2015 - Page 13

Ten strategies to make school lunches easier 1. Draft a game plan. Spend five minutes on the weekend with your kids mapping out lunches for the week ahead. They are more likely to eat it if they have a say. 2. Focus on brain power foods. Cover off a fruit and vegetable; whole grains and some protein for each lunch (read on for ideas). Protein-rich foods will curb their hunger for the afternoon stretch. 3. Buy healthy grab-and-go foods. A well-stocked kitchen filled with healthy choices makes it easy to pack a picnic style lunch. Bite-sized veggies, fruit, whole grain mini pitas and crackers, yogurt and hardboiled eggs are a good start. 4. Skip the “snack” packs marketed at grocery stores. These are more “treats” than healthy snacks. While it’s fine to send the occasional treat, kids don’t need one every day. WWW.EATINEATOUT.CA 13