EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 65

CO L LE GE CO RNER Avoid big brands Another tip is to avoid big brand names. Even lesser-known brands can be extremely efficient for a cheaper price. When it comes to furniture, we tend to gravitate towards brands we know and love, even if they might be a little pricey. But don’t be afraid to do your research and experiment a bit, seeing what cool things you can find for lower prices. Value teamwork If you have a roommate, talk to them about boundaries concerning your belongings. If they’re willing to let you use their microwave or mini-fridge, then you’ve just saved yourself some cash! Teamwork can be a very valuable asset in this case, and can ensure you two are able to share your resources, allowing both of you to be satisfied and cut down on spending. Plus, you’ll build trust and make a friend! How efficient is that? Caution: Fragile Be careful when handling the things you have. When your parents paid for most of your belongings, it was easy to shrug it off when you accidentally broke something. However, you’ll now have to be more careful, as carelessness can result in unneeded extra spending. Wait until you’ve collected your paycheque (if you’re working part-time) before splurging. Keep track of your purchases and ensure that, no matter what, you are stillat thetop of your game. When you get stressed out, it’s very tempting to let yourself go. But you’ll need to reel yourself back in and stand your ground in the face of temptation. Décor galore When it comes to decoration, be creative! If you’re an artist, create some original works to decorate your walls. Maybe print out some pictures you really love off the Internet, and put them up as well. Photos of your friends? They’ll look fantastic! You can even scour thrift shops and flea markets for some beautiful, unique, and sometimes downright hilarious pieces of art! Furnishing on a budget is all about finding options and seeing what works for you personally. You need to create a system. Once you’ve got all that down, you’ll find that you’ll have started your new life on the right foot, with so much to explore and learn. Control yourself Create a sort of balance system, and exercise self-control. It’s no shock that you enjoy good food and fun times and probably need to do a little extra spending to get those things sometimes. Nothing wrong with that; you deserve it. However, if you want that fancy steak dinner, tell yourself to skip your regular pizza on Friday. Fancy a new phone? easyuni Guide 2015 Issue 6 63