EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 64

CO L LE GE CO RNER Don’t buy everything new First, look through the things you currently have. If you have some extra binders, bags, bedsheets, pillows or whatever lying around, pick those up instead. They will still be usable in college. Many freshmen students believe they have to arrive bright, shiny and brand-spanking new to make an impression. We can assure you this mindset will soon dissolve, and you will soon begin coming to class in pyjamas, a coffee mug in your tired fingers and faded backpacks. Start looking through your relatives’ belongings. Does Grandma still have that beanbag chair in her basement? Does your Aunt Marie’s old microwave still work? Who knows, you might come across something useful and save some money as well. Also, check out your local flea markets and thrift stores. There are an astonishing number of bargains, and it’s unbelievably fun! You’ll be heading towards a trip down memory lane, as well as finding incredible items. Yard sales are also a good option. Nutrition is important It’s best to ensure you have some kind of mini-fridge or microwave in your room, seeing as you will, obviously, want your food at a certain temperature and actually be able to eat it. Make sales your best friend A huge variety of stores also offer furniture and room décor. Large chains often have huge sales on trendy furniture. And the best part is that these sales are often targeted specifically towards affordable yet also durable furniture, which is what the average college student is looking for. Look for efficiency Some furniture types have a two-for-one kind of style. For example, if you find a couch that doubles as a fold-out bed, then you’ve basically got yourself a place to lounge around and eat chips and a place to rest your head after a day of intense studying. Remember: you’ll be in your dorm quite often, so make sure it’s HX