EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 51

E XC L U S IVE F EAT U RE 3 Cloud controller – Experts tasked to fight climate change by increasing the ability of clouds to reflect solar radiation. Environmental and conservation science With the exponential growth of the world’s population, this field will become essential to our planet’s survival. Dealing with climate change may require new technologies and techniques, with the potential of green energy being at the forefront of this development. Some interesting careers in this field could be: Renewable energy According to the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, we have enough oil to last us for just 40 years. What will happen after that? That’s why alternative fuels and energy sources like solar, wind, tidal, hydrogen, and even nuclear may need to be considered. Some cool jobs in this field are: 7 4 Traceability experts rts – This person examines global supply bal chains and checks for suppliers that pliers might be excessively pollutive or utive carbon-costly to avoid buying from. ing 5 Hydrogen fuel station manager This technician will produce hydrogen on site, which will require science as well as retail skills. Geomicrobiologist You need knowledge of geology, environmental science and microbiology to figure how microorganisms might help make new medicine or clean up pollution. For instance: figuring out how to get nanobots help destroy cancer. 6 Uranium recycler A hardcore role that basically works to convert bomb-grade uranium from warheads into low-enriched uranium to run nuclear power plants. 9