EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 50

E XC L U S IVE F EAT U RE 20 Crazy Jobs of the Future Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Driven in a swanky electric car on autopilot while you read the latest news on your car’s dashboard? Or perhaps waking up to a fresh cup of coffee being served by a robot? The future holds endless possibilities. Even just over the last 20 years, who could have imagined that our lives would be changed so much by a smartphone with a touchscreen? Imagine what awaits us two decades from now. Therefore, it makes sense to pursue the right career that prepares you for this uncertain yet exciting future. We’ve outlined 20 of the most likely jobs of the future that we believe will impact the world we live in. Education Even though online learning is already a big market, human interaction is inevitable for faceto-face interaction. As the need of such experts rise, so will the need for educators. 1 Space tour guide With increasing interest shown by companies for first commercial space excursions, space tourists will need cosmic specialists to show them the way. 2 48 easyuni Guide 2015 Issue 6 Online education broker Tailors and modifies learning packages for clients, detailing relevant modules from courses and syllabuses from around the world for a truly global learning experience.