EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 46

E XC L U S IVE F EAT U RE 3D Printing Are You Ready For The New Revolution? We live in an age that is witness to what many are calling the Third Industrial Revolution, with the popularity and uses for 3D printers growing every day. The potential in 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is growing daily. 3D printing covers a host of processes and technologies that offer a full spectrum of capabilities for the production of parts and products of different materials. What all these processes and technologies have in common is the manner in which production is conducted. From just US$3.8 billion in 2014, the 3D printing industry is expected to be worth US$16.2 billion in 2018 – more than a four-fold increase in just four short years. 44 44 ea ea s y un u i d eas yun Guide 2015 easyunii G uiid e 2 015 as n uid 0 15 01 5 1 I s s ue Is sue 6 Issue su e u