EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 38

E XC L U S IVE F EAT U RE Working Conditions Event planners can work from many different places. Some work from home or have an office to schedule meetings with clients. Most event planners start small, and often from home or tiny offices. Since event planning can be fun, it’s no surprise that some event-planning outfits begin as a bunch of friends or likeminded individuals who handle small-budget gigs like birthday bashes, tea parties and media and product meets. It is not unusual for event planners to run meetings and work at the client’s location, especially during the last phase before the actual event. It’s all part of the job. How to Shine as an Event Planner A university degree is a good starting point, but nothing can replace experience and your quest for excellence. If you want to be better than an average event planner, you need some tricks up your sleeve. Networking: This is the best way to get noticed. If you get the chance to plan an event, take pictures and get yourself on Fa