EASYUNI Ultimate University Guide 2013 Issue 6 - Page 18

CO U R S E S & C A REERS Why Choose Mechatronic Engineering? Almost none of the products that have been – or will be – invented are based solely on a single aspect of engineering. Mechatronic engineering offers a broad connection among the various areas in engineering. Mechatronic engineering students are trained to work in mechanical and instrumentation fields. Engineers within this field are in high demand at various companies – the more experienced, the better. Mechatronic engineers in the US earn up to USD90,000 annually. Fun Facts History: Mechatronic is not a well-known term for some, except those in the science field where it is mostly a novel discipline. Mechatronic emerged in Japan when robots were first built there. It was developed to define the union of robotics and automation. This is because Japanese engineers back then believed a lot of areas in science could not adequately symbolise the notion of humanoid technology. Accreditation: Only a few countries recognise mechatronic as a field of engineering despite its current applications. It is not because they doubt the progress of the course but they find it hard to develop governing bodies which could help facilitate the proper requirements for the field’s module and examination accreditations. By now, “mechatronic” is no longer an alien term to you. A future in mechatronic engineering is bright, and you should exploit the opportunities this field provides. 16 easyuni Guide 2015 Issue 6 sue