Easy Magazine 2 - Page 66

reflection finding yourself Written by Tara Chandra. Photo taken by James Coomer @internetjames Developing your style and growing your confidence. Based on my real life experiences. Giving you advice I wish I had when growing up. One of my most frequently asked questions is ‘How are you so confident in what you wear?’ I feel like I answer this question so simply and so quickly that it becomes second nature for me to respond with something along the lines of ‘pretend to be confident and don’t think about what other people think of you.’ But, it’s so much more than that. Being Unique. People that are looking to find confidence in their style are most likely trying to break away from the norm and to dress differently. Look towards second hand clothing from markets, op shops and thrift stores. These are often both a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to shopping fast fashion, plus the clothes are likely one of a kind. If you really suffer from lack of confidence or you’re a super shy person – I feel you. Growing up, I was always described as the ‘shy kid’ who would hide behind their parents legs when an acquaintance or a stranger asked what my name was. I wouldn’t even talk to relatives and family friends! One situation I clearly remember was at my grandparent’s house. It was the first time I remember meeting my Dad’s cousin. I wouldn’t say a single word, meanwhile my older sister did the talking for both of us. My Dad’s cousin latched onto the idea that I was interested in art and we ‘conversed’ the entire night by drawing our conversation, till I was brave enough to actually use my voice. Although this doesn’t exactly relate to confidence in style, it’s a small example that has the same underlying notion of my growth in confidence today. So here are some tips to growing your style and confidence… Start Small & Slowly. It’s not a race. Use this time to discover new styles, find what you like and to slowly grow. Begin to integrate new pieces into your outfits over time, whether this is just a chunky choker, funky earrings or a new top. Experiment. Try out new things! Don’t be afraid, just do it! There’s no better time to experiment with your style but now. Experimenting is something that you should constantly be doing (even after you’ve developed your ‘look’). If you as a person is constantly changing, so can your style. People Don’t Actually Care. They really don’t care what you’re wearing. Stares? You probably won’t see them again. They’re probably admiring your ability to wear that sick piece with confidence.