Easy Magazine 2 - Page 58

connection Sometimes in life you meet people through the strangest means - often where you’d least expect it. The biggest one for me has been Instagram. The connections and lifelong friendships I have developed through social media is insane and scary at the same time. Growing up I was always warned of the dangers of social media – stranger danger, 40 year old men behind a fake persona, to never trust anyone. But growing up with technology and secretly using Instagram when I was 13 – it’s about knowing what and who is and isn’t real. After you suss out the legitimacy of a person, you connect and find the people that share the same interests as you, appeal to you, go global or find those in the same city as you. Instagram is like a Tinder for friends. You develop mutuals, you meet up, you bond over your Instagram (& probably end up sitting on your phones in comfortable silence as you scroll through your feed for an hour more than necessary… been there, done that). Instagram can be personal, or it can be a community. Make it a community. It’s great. I met my best friends through there, and I’m ready to make more.