Easy Magazine 2 - Page 55

arguably the best two months of my life and this photo just holds that as a memory for me.” Photography is an art form and creativity follows art. When asked why he takes photos, “I honestly don’t know. I’ve always been creative, and photography is a creative outlet for me. It gets me out and about, I can apply it to my interests, and it allows me to meet new people. It’s hard to say why I do it. There are all these small things that I love about it, I guess I just enjoy capturing and sharing my perspective on things.” MODEL @tinocharles And to top it off, what makes a good photo? “The concept of a 'g ood photo' is very subjective. One person might look a photo and think its the best, others might think its trash. Obviously there’s basic technical and conceptual guidelines on taking a ‘good’ photo, but there has to be a meaning behind it. It should show emotion and engage the viewer, but its up to the photographer on how they convey this. Realistically it should just be an insight into your perception of a subject, you can polish it with editing all you want, but ultimately it will be the engagement between the photographer and the subject. A good photo is timeless.” You can find James on; Instagram @internetjames & his website www.internetjames.co