Easy Magazine 2 - Page 54

It’s easy to grab a camera and take a photo. But James takes it to another level as he chases light and people to get the best snap. As a late bloomer to the photography world, James has an abnormally high standard of photography for himself, “I just don’t want to go backwards. I want every photo to be better than my last.” With this in mind, James has set hard (yet, achievable, at the rate he’s going) goals and aspirations, “I want to be able to see my progress in my photos. Ultimately, I just want to have a recognisable style – I want people to see my images and know I took them, without having to look at a caption.” Although it’s rare for him to admit and share his accomplishments, “there’s accolades like shooting at Fashion Weeks, but honestly, it’s your images that convey your success.” Despite his new presence in the industry, his photography style has largely developed from the “Instagram cliché” of landscape and city scape photography, towards an integration of his love for both fashion and photography. “I feel like my photography has progressed and changed a lot over the past couple of years, whether its different styles, subjects or edits. The main thing that changed was that I began taking photos for me, rather than my audience. Ever since then, I feel like my photos have progressed and gotten so much better.” With a fresh new style, James talks about shooting street style and finding the right outfit to shoot. “I’ll take a photo of someone for a couple reasons. If they are interesting or I find something intriguing about them, I’ll shoot them. If they have a piece that I want, I’ll shoot them. But the main factor is how they express themselves through fashion. I love the link between the clothes and the wearer, and I think that’s what is important in fashion.” Gone are his days of solely shooting the environment around him, but that doesn’t diminish the memories held within these photos. James’ talent of photography mixes perfectly with his love of travel. When asked what photo (he has taken) that has emotionally moved him, in response he sent a musky pink, orange and bl XHۈ\X[[[۝][\[]\H]\™Y[ˈH[H\Y\H\[Y]Y[[[\H\H\X[Y\\ [\K8']\H\XH[H^H[H[\B\H\X[YH[و\\X]]Y\ˈ[H[X]YK\B\HX\Yو[]Yݙ\YH]K[H[&]YH LY]8)]\‚