Easy Magazine 2 - Page 51

London designers such as Christopher Kane’s intricate appliqué, or Antonio Beradi's sculpted jackets with details of neoprene, show how complex the fashion scene in London is. Currently, there are many variations of pieces such as denim… double denim, fried denim, ripped denim, wide-leg denim jeans... the list goes on. This denim ‘trend’ matched with mesh and fishnet is a current London look as seen in the WGSN photo. WGSN is a trend forecasting webpage which is really useful in terms of looking at what is about to roll into the market. Personally, as an aspiring fashion designer, this site is great to keep myself up to date with society’s favourite looks. Additionally, within the predominant rock music scene in London, there are gender-neutral clothes and androgynous looks being worn such as in the 'London March 2016' photo. For example, trainers and leather jackets. The band ‘The Garden’ based in California is an outstanding example of this style and the influence of different countries on street style. I think it’s great that the clothing pieces which are intended to match society’s genders are becoming less significant as androgynous and gender-neutral clothing becomes a ‘trend.’ This has allowed me to feel confident as I exchange pieces with my friends – feeling free in what I like and accepting that everyone’s style is different. ⚡ ️ Background textiles by William Morris