Easy Magazine 2 - Page 50

London vs Berlin STREET STYLE Written by Mona Cordes @princess_moona People strolling along London's streets vary, as you would expect…because everyone has different tastes. It would be strange right? Can you imagine seeing 10 people that look just like you? Based on personal experience, I believe London's street style and people in cities such as Berlin, are more open minded. I have attended Berlin and London's Fashion Week and found remarkable differences in street style. London's style is free and unrestricted when compared to the people and community within Berlin who have created a closed and restricted style. I have noticed that the people of London are taking advantage of being an ‘individual’. They are wearing what they want without judgement. At London Fashion Week, most people experiment with colours and various garment materials. However, in Berlin I noticed that black dominates style, which also extends towards youth culture – such as the techno/ electronic music scene. Essentially, street style is based on the person and their inspirations and trends they decide to follow.