Easy Magazine 2 - Page 42

Lalyn Yu photographer My name is Lalyn but people call me Lyn (sometimes lol). I am 15 years old. Three words that describe me are curious, comfortable, thoughtful. During the day I go to school, take part in my high school's theatre, and take photos! On the weekends I go location scouting and on drives with friends. During the night I do my homework, edit photos, go on Tumblr, and watch movies. The last song I listened to was Empty Bed by Gemini Club. When I grow up I want to be just content and comfortable with myself, career wise, maybe something in languages or design. I am most inspired when I'm traveling or I'm visiting new places with friends! The best moment of my life was when I was able to visit Japan to learn about the culture, lifestyle, and fashion! I first started taking photos