Easy Magazine 2 - Page 40

Destiny NOel artist My name is Destiny, but people call me Dez. I'm 17 years old. Three words that describe me are companionate, colorful, and charismatic! During the day I attend Perpich center for arts education, which is the Minnesota state art high school. During the night I work at the Minneapolis institute of arts. I also find myself attending and working with other art events in the metro, like teen nights at the Walker, and The Annual Mayday parade in south Minneapolis. The last song I listened to was Hold Up by Beyoncé. When I grow up I want to travel, create, and continue to work with youth. I am most inspired when surrounded by other artists. The best moment of my life so far is hard to say. Getting a job at The Mia is probably one of my favorites. I got into visual art when I was in 8th grade. I had the opportunity to assist in the creations of very large murals with a local artist in Minneapolis (Greta Mclain) and fell in love with the process of community art. I've been interested in 3D art recently since I have the resources to sculpt more at this school, but I've been exposed to it working since middle school. Working with Heart Of The beast theater on the MayDay Parade every year offers great opportunities to cocreate puppets. My favorite thing about visual art is it's universal appeal. Everybody can appreciate a piece for different reasons, there are very few barriers. I also appreciate the community aspects of creation. You give people the supplies, and a prompt and you'll get a lot more then a work of art. My favourite colour is lavender! My favourite artist is Basquiat. In the next five years I see myself continuing to work on my own art as well as helping others create theirs. I'll probably end up in collage, and I'd really like to travel more, but I know one thing for sure; I'll still be making art. You can follow me on Instagram at @destiny.noel.