Easy Magazine 2 - Page 39

get a kick out of. The best moment of my life was when I was star gazing with some family friends of mine on this little ranch in Wyoming. I really love cities, but you can never see the stars very well. I have never seen so many stars in the sky and as we were sitting there we saw this brilliant shooting star in the sky and all of us held our breath for a few seconds. For one, I had never seen a shooting star in the sky and getting the chance to see them multiple times was extraordinary. It’s just amazing to stop and look at the world sometimes. I first started singing when I was probably 4 or 5 because both my parent’s families were very big into music. There was always singing at all holidays and get together, and karaoke machines were very prominent in my life. I also wanted to be in the Cheetah Girls for a little bit as well, so that motivated me a lot through my elementary days. Other than that, I’ve always just loved the way music made me feel and wanted to give that feeling to other people to help them when they just need a break or want some good tunes to jam to. The connections music can make has always made me want to create it myself and it’s by far one of the best decisions I made. My favourite thing about music is the feeling you get from it. It’s so unlike any other passion I’ve ever had. The harmonies locking up or the bond you can feel between two people creating or talking about music is indescribable. You can say nothing and play a song and it could be exactly what you’re thinking, even if the song is just instrumental. It’s cool to be able to create art that can give people chills or inspire others. I’ve completely fallen in love with the music community and the number of ways you can create music. It’s always a good way to start conversation and get to know people. For me, music is like a warm feeling that makes you feel complete even when things are a mess (if that makes any sense). My favourite colours to wear are rich colors. I think wine red is one of my favorite colors because it’s kinda a sassy color. It draws a lot of attention and is very complimentary. Otherwise I would say anything denim, which I’m not sure qualifies as a color but it’s an essential for me. I always have a denim jacket with me because it goes with anything! My favourite music artist is way too hard to pick. I’m all over the place in my taste of music – J. Cole, the Beatles, The Beastie Boys, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – it’s very scattered. Every artist I listen to has a different style, whether it’s the catchy beat they bring in the background or the way they have with words, they all have a certain sound that makes it hard to stop listening to. I’m also really into Mac Demarco because he is so talented and wild. He really is just himself and doesn’t give a shit about what other people think. He simply just creates and that’s something that really inspires me. I think a lot of people could learn from him, especially in the music industry where people are often pushing you to fit a certain mold. Make art the way you see it and it’s so much more pure. In the next five years I see myself recording in more professional studios and getting a record deal. Right now, I &[Bܚ[ۈ]\[[]^H]\Xۈ[ܙH]ܛ\ZHYH[U[\ۘHB]H[ܙH[YH [[HXܙ[Y[ˈx&Y[ݙH]HH[[H]\HX]\HH[˜ܙX][][H\H[ܙH[[HYX\ًٙ\H\HX[H[][YHH[]][Hܛ\و[x&\Z[]\x&Y[ZH\\[[]HYX\˜X]\H]8&\HܙX]^HYHHܛ[\H]\XˈۙH[x&]HX\Y\x&]H\YZB^H]\X\Y\[ܙH\[\\]]\X[H^[Y[H\][ˈ]8&\\][\[B܈Y][Y\[[ۛX[ۜ]H۸&][[ۈ][\[][YHۋ[H[YBۈ]\ [Yܘ[NW[[[ۈ[Y[Y KX^X[XY[B