Easy Magazine 2 - Page 38

Maya dengel singer My name is Maya Dengel but people call me Yung Mayuh. I am 18 years old. Three words that describe me are bubbly, adventurous & free-spirited. During the day I like to drink coffee and talk with people. I’m a complete extrovert and always need to be doing something; otherwise I feel I’ve wasted a day. I’m not much of a homebody and like to find things that are active or can help me explore. Anything from seeing art, whether it’s at a museum or on the street corner to paddle boarding. During the night I am the most active. I’m a total night owl – I love going out at night and seeing the city or even just looking at the stars from a rooftop. The night is when I tend to be most inspired as well, so after a night out, you can find me around 2AM on the floor writing songs or jamming to some good tunes. The last song I listened to was Still Figuring It Out by SWMRS. They’re an absolutely amazing group from Oakland, California and it’s so cool to see them growing and expanding their fan base right now. Highly recommend checking them out. When I grow up I want to be a recording artist and producer. As this year has progressed, I’ve realized how much I need to have music in my life. I want to start out writing and performing my own music in hopes of performing at First Avenue in Minnesota. It’s been my favorite venue to see shows at and is one of the most notable venues in the state. Eventually, I’d like to have my own producing company, as I have realized how rare it is to even see women producing music in this industry. I want to inspire young women to be involved in this industry, especially from the producing side. I am most inspired when I go to concerts. For some reason, after I go to a concert I always seem to get ideas. Sometimes I even get them mid concert and try to write them down on my phone before I forget them. I also get inspired after I travel. It’s very cleansing for me to get a different perspective for a few days. People are also great for me to draw inspiration from. A lot of my songs are about certain people and I have this one friend who can always guess who they’re about, which I always