Easy Magazine 2 - Page 36

Olivia Mahedy - Wilson poet My name is Olivia Mahedy-Wilson but people call me Liv. I am 15. Three words that describe me are spontaneous, thoughtful, and intentional. During the day I go to school, dance, and try to find new and exciting places to go and activities to participate in. During the night I do anything from staying home and reading or watching movies, to having a relaxing night with friends, to going out to a party. The last song I listened to was Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. When I grow up I want to be an elementary school teacher. I am most inspired when in the presence of others art, especially that of my peers. The best moment of my life was when I was four and my little sister, Carmina, was born. I first started writing poetry seriously in seventh grade, before that I had written short stories and dabbled in poems a little, but I started because they seemed like a better fit for me, and have just proven to work nicely as a creative form for me since. My favourite thing about poetry is that everybody can take from it what they need, since it is not always an exact account of something, like what often makes up stories, a lot of it can be interpreted and taken how it needs to be taken. If the writer needs something from a piece they can get it, and if a listener needs something different, and it is available, they can have it too. My favourite colour to wear lately has been blue. My favourite poet at the moment is undetermined, however I enjoy the works of Blythe Baird, Hieu Min Nguyen, Sierra Demulder greatly. I also love hearing the work of other local youth poets and spoken word artists. In the next five years I see myself self-publishing another chapbook. I released my first, July Children, last October, as well as graduating high school, participating in more dance performances, and just overall growing into who I am becoming. You can follow me on T [X][[XX^^K[XH ܈]X[XZYK[XB܈ۛH]JK[ۈ[Yܘ[H]X[XZYK