Easy Magazine 2 - Page 31

This is a question I have come to value over the course of answering, as it is one that I have never asked myself or thrown much thought to before. Possibly because I could never recall a moment were I was made to feel as though I was more capable of accomplishing something because of being a ‘woman’. Instead I feel as though I ca [H[H]Y[^\\[Z]وH\[\X[X[H[[X[H۝[\ܘ[[\K[Yو\[XHYYܙYHو[]X[]][\HۈH]Y\[ۋHXYY\X\]XYH\YHHX[[Hو][ۈZ\Y]܈H[ܙHۘ[]Y\ۜKY [Y[YH\ۜ\H[ۙHH[\ۘ[HY[YH] \H\H[\œX\8'[[[ۘ[Hۙ\'K8'X[]H][K]\'H܈8'X[]H[]Yx'KH[ۜY\^\[\˜H[Z[\[\Y ]\H[Y]H[ܙHۙH[][[Y[[ܛHو\]X[]KHY&][Y]B]H[\H[]\X]\HH\[X[K[XYH\Y^\[]XZ\YHY YBو[\XYXˈH[HY]K[ZH\[Y\[^[YH[\H܈Y[X\ق\XY\\HXZˈHX[ۈ[Kۈ\ZXܛ[][H\HY]]YZ[\][قH]\ Y][Y\Hܘ[YY[[YK[XY]܈[\[\\[ۋ[ܙ[ݙ\B][Y\\\H\H܈\[[X[XY\Y]\\\\X܈[[YYX]H[Y]ˈ\X[]HHY]]H\][ۘ[[\XHو[Y\XZ\YHYH\\وH[X[XB]\]HX[K[X[H܈ PQSQSUTTB