Easy Magazine 2 - Page 21

What advice would you give to the world about being a creative and following a creative lifestyle (alongside juggling school/work)? This is so cliché but follow your dreams! If you really love something don’t just push it to the side. Art is extremely competitive, but there’s always room for more of it. If you don’t want to go to school, don’t...Just don’t let people and social constructs tell you what to do. If you’re going to school because it’s your only option, make the most of it...but for the most part, I definitely think it’s possible to be successful in art (especially in film) without it. What do you hope to achieve from your videos and fashion? I want to be able to create a cohesive style for my brand. As an artist, it’s important to think of myself as my own brand. My video content on YouTube will hopefully help me in the future films I produce. I also would like to meet other creatives through my channel. I love hearing feedback from people and being able to interact with them. Hopefully my work will inspire at least a few of my viewers. Where do you hope filmmaking will lead you? I hope it will allow me to have a job that I genuinely enjoy doing. I can’t imagine being stuck at a desk all day...it would drive me insane. Where can we find you on social media? My YouTube and Tumblr are jujusquad, my Instagram is @RNURDERER, & my Snapchat is jkitsinmyname :-) ⚡️