Easy Magazine 2 - Page 20

Tell me about yourself. My name is Julia Ling and I’m a 17 year old filmmaker from Connecticut, a small East coast state in the US. I run a YouTube channel called jujusquad where I post fashion and film related things. What are your plans after graduating school this year? My original plan was to go directly to university in NYC for film, but instead I decided to move out to LA to live with my older brother. I may only spend one year out here but if things seem to be working out, I might just stay ;) I just started interning for a skate/art/film brand called Sex Los Angeles. We have a lot of big things planned. It’s so amazing working with other artists and I know it’ll help me grow a lot. What are you most passionate about? You can probably already guess...filmmaking. But on a less serious note, hot Cheetos, every single Glossier product on the earth, vintage eBay sunglasses, pink convertibles, my friends, Julian Casablancas, and romanticized prom scenes in movies. Where and when did you learn to create and edit videos? I guess I could say I taught myself. I’ve been editing video for about 4 years. I’m far from calling myself an expert editor, I have endless amounts of things to learn. I usually just force myself to watch a lot of video tutorials. Why do you dress the way you do? It’s hard to say... A lot of people seem to think I have a cohesive style but I honestly can never figure out what I want my style to be. I just try to wear things that make me happy and confident. I feel like I can emulate at least a small part of my personality to others through what I wear. Who inspires your filmmaking, photography and style? So many people inspire me! My favorite directors are Sofia Coppola, Michel Gondry, and Spike Jonze. I also really love smaller Youtubers like Rachel Cobb and Rian Phin. The small YouTube community has been crazy good lately...It’s so refreshing to see fashion/lifestyle channels that don’t feel so artificial. Casey Neistat has also been a long term inspiration to me. Style-wise, I really love lilmixedhunny, Kiko Mizuhara, and Chloë Sevigny. What is your favourite video/film you’ve created and why? Every time I release a new video it becomes my favorite. I think that’s a good thing, because it means I’m improving...or at least I think I am. So that being said, my favorite is the film I just released, MY 17TH YEAR. I spent weeks trying to think of a concept for the video and finally it came to me in the middle of the night. I also was really happy with how the graphics came out, I think it made it feel really clean. It’s one of the most emotional and nostalgic films I’ve ever made. Some of the best people and moments of my life are featured in it. What genre of music and films do you listen to and watch? I honestly listen to all different types of music, so I can’t name a specific genre. Sometimes I like to listen to obscure things and other times I listen to the Jonas Brothers lol... My current favorite songs are Date with the Night by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cool by Gwen Stefani, and The Taste of Ink by The Used (tbt). My favorite films are Where the Wild Things Are, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Mr. Nobody.