Eastside Story Volume 2 - Page 19

East's Talent Show

Introducing the next act, Andrew Ford is hosting the talent show.“I decided to do the talent show, because the other host was one of my close friends and I wanted to do something fun with her before she moves,” said Ford’21.

Playing the electric guitar, Nolan Joynt is performing for the school. He was excited to be in yet another talent show, but even more excited that this would be his first middle school performance. “The talent show was really fun, and I would definitely do it again next year,” said Joynt’ 23.

Impersonating Donald Trump is Henry Huschke. He mimicked Trump’s voice throughout the show.“ I decided to do the talent show because I had been doing my Trump impression for quite awhile and almost every time I used it I got quite a lot of laughs,” said Huschke ’21.

Lots of Laughs

Beginning Star

Host with the most

The Talent Within