Eastern Home & Travel May/June 2017 - Page 56

HOME If you're completely sold on going green, paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams are ready to offer an array of green options. “We’ve been watching green gain momentum in the last few seasons. In colormix 2017: the Sherwin- Williams Color Forecast, several palettes boast green hues. Cascades (SW 7623) is a deep, rich and jewel toned green that is both moody and opulent. Sheraton Sage (SW 0014) is a muted, organic and loamy green and our spin on vintage avocado. Lastly, Citronella (SW 6915) is a bright, vibrant and full of energy and Saguaro (SW 6419) is a rich green that feels like the jungle floor or a living wall of moss—absolutely stunning!” – Sue Wadden, director of color marketing, Sherwin-Williams Not ready to commit to a full on Greenery interior? These select accent pieces from Layla Grayce and Zinc Door can help you add a pop of color to reinvigorate ȁȁ͕ͽ́Ѽ)%Ё́́ɥ͔Ѽͥ́ѡЁAѽè܁ȁѡ啅)́ɕ丁!ݹ́ɔɕ͕ͥѥݥѠɔ)ȁ܁݅́Ѽɥѡё́9Ё䁥́ɕѡ)Ёɕ݅ѕȁ܁٥ɅаЁɕ́́ɝ)ȸɕ䁥́ɕЁЁѼѡɅ䁽ݽѽ́䁙չ)ѕɥ́ɽ́ɥѼɹɔ)]ѡȁԝɔѼ͔ոɕɼ٥Ёͥͥ)Ʌѡ́ɽɔAѽ́ɕ䁥́ɕЁѼхи+P5̈́!ݕ̵Yѕ()MQI8!=5QIY0