Eastern Home & Travel May/June 2017 - Page 10

FEATURED CONTRIBUTORS SHUAN BUTCHER An Army veteran, Shuan has spent most of his life working in the nonprofit sector on issues such as arts and culture, heritage tourism, civic engagement, and community development. He is a member of the National Press Club. He published “Inspiration to Serve: 101 Quotes about Kindness, Caring, and Giving,” co-authored “Making Change for the Better: The Importance of Youth Giving,” and contributes to a variety of local, regional, and national publications. KELLY FRAGER is the owner of Etiquette for Everyday and is a Certified Etiquette Instructor through the International School of Protocol. Kelly truly enjoys raising awareness about how we treat each other with kindness, courtesy and respect. She loves building individual confidence by discussing courtesy and civil ways to handle situations that range from the playground to the dinner table to the boardroom. Kelly especially encourages travelers to appl H\H[\\›X]\\HZ\Y[\\ZH[K[\]]\]Y]Yܙ]\Y^KBHSTS\HY[[Hܚ]\[ݙ\ YX\][[Bܛ\[[[Y\XX[ܚ]\[ܜܘ]H^X]]KH[X[BYX\\[X]HY[X\وH][ۘ[\X]\[Y[\][H[\YHHܝ[]H\ۈ\ܙX]\ݙ\Έܚ][[و\B][[\ܚX[HX[\\[ۈHX\\ \]\ڙX '\HH[XK8'H\H[[&\]Z[XHۈ[X^ۋ[YH KTQH ۛH[\ X\\ۛP[\X\[˛]QUԒPSY[\H\U]Z^X]]HY]܂Y[\P[\X\[˛][H[[[KX[Y[Y]܂[P[\X\[˛]Z[^H\\][ۜ[Y][X[Y\Z[^P[\X\[˛]TQӈ PSӂ\[[^KܙX]]H\X܂[ܘ\X\Yۙ\\[[\X\[˛]QTTS’Z][[KX[\\[]]BZ][[\X\[˛]QHRTBYH ]\[\[XHXX[Y][X\\Y[ۘ[XY^[\ΈY]]\Y[[Y]]\[Z[Kx&\[HY[[B][ܚ]\[ݙ\\[][ۜ[ۙHX\\[^[ۙ YHٝ[][]\]\ؘ[ ]\[Z\YHۜ]Hݙ\][[œˈ[ HYx&\Y[[\\X\Y 8'[YH]Y\x'H\[Z[x&\\^HY]\KZ[[\H^H][Y\HYX˂^[ZY[۝Y\KX[\\[]]B^[ZY[\X\[˛]TPUSӂ\X][ې[\X\[˛]PSS•HSPT\HY[[Hܚ]\X[ۈ]]܋Y][YHYBX܈[[X\Y[ݙ\ H]\[ۛ[KY [H[[Hۂ]\U[X\܈XY\]U[X\K[H][KX[[Y\\[\X\[˛]QRSTUSӂ KMM LPTSӕPUSԐTT\[\[ Y[[][ܘ\B\]”[HX\[ŒL]X\]Y] Z]H L BY\XQ M BSH KMM LVH KMMLL X\\YH ][XY^[H\HK[[۝HXX][ۈو[HX\[ˈ\Y\[]Z\Y\[H\XY[HX\[ LˈX\]Y] Z]H L KY\XQ M K[۝[و\œXX][ۈ\HXYH\Y[X^HH\XY[H܈[\܈[HX\ۂ]][܈ۜ[وHX\\X\H\Xܚ][\]Y\[X\\YX[][ KX\\YP[][ B܈Y\\[[ܛX][ۋ[Y[܈]Y\[ۜX\H[ KMM L܈[XZ[ۛH[\]ۛP[\X\[˛] Xܚ\[ۜ΂K^YX\͈\Y\ N ^YX\L\Y\ KMBPUBXܚXK[XZ[XܚXPX\\YP[][ B܈[ KMM L LPTTQH US