East Texas Quarterly Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 24

joy. Clown Ministry has always been a special type of communication, and the group travels around east Texas bringing love and joy to many people in nursing homes who need a little spark in their lives, according to Jones. Hospice is a compassionate way of caring for patients with severe illnesses and providing support for their families. The primary emphasis is on the patient’s comfort, allowing them to remain in their home as long as possible. Hospice care is provided by a team of professionals, including nurses, hospice aides, counselors, chaplains and physicians. The team supports home care provided by the family on a regularly scheduled basis with Lakes area Hospice Mission Statement Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of our patients and families by providing hospice care guided by the values of dignity, compassion and charity. 24-hour on-call service. “We are extremely proud of the fact that if a client calls, regardless of what time it might be, within 15 minutes we are able to respond to those calls,” points out Coffield. LAH is Medicare and Medicaid certified to provide end-of-life care to their beneficiaries. Lakes Area Hospice maintains memberships in the Texas Non-Profit Alliance, Texas-New Mexico Hospice Organization and National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. Through its membership in the Texas Non-Profit Hospice Alliance, Lakes Area Hospice has contracts to provide care to the insured of almost all major insurance companies operating in Texas. The Alliance is a statewide network of not-for-profit agencies that directs patient referral to the appropriate member hospice based on geographical location. “Lakes Area Hospice is also unique in that we provide care regardless of ability to pay,” says Coffield. 22 East Texas Quarterly