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M U S E U M S | D E AN CAST L E M U S E U M S | D E AN CAST L E Angels, Myths & Fables Restoration and Modernisation of Dean Castle East Ayrshire Council, supported by East Ayrshire Leisure, were recently awarded £1.5M from Heritage Lottery Fund towards the restoration and modernisation of Dean Castle. The project, due to run between 2017 and 2020, has a total cost of £5.2M, with £500K also secured from Historic Environment Scotland, and the remainder coming from East Ayrshire Council. The funding will allow essential stonework restoration to the external fabric of the castle buildings, alongside the internal modernisation and redisplay of our world class collections and exhibition areas. The funding will also support a range of apprenticeship and learning programmes around the stonework restoration and collection conservation aspects of the project. Alongside the £3.4M awarded from Heritage Lottery Fund to develop the Country Park, the aim is to create a five star visitor attraction that encourages many more people to visit the Castle to enjoy and learn from its fascinating heritage, bringing economic benefit to the area. Further information and plans can be found at: eastayrshireleisure.com/dean-castlerestoration where you can also find details of how you can get involved – there will be lots of ways to engage with this exciting project. BANQUETING HALL CONTINUES UNTIL 23 APRIL 2017 Using Dean Castle’s internationally renowned collections of early musical instruments, arms and armour and tapestries, th \^X][ۈ]H[YB[\[]\HYXYH[Hق[Y[\[XY\\[\ܙH[^]X[ܙX]\\ˈ[ۈ\^H\›ۙHوHۙ\[][X[\Z[X]HHˌM YX\وۜ\][ۂܚHX[\H^[HX[H\Z[XH\Z\[ۜY]H\BX]]Y[^[\8$XYHH[[][XY8$[H\وB\Z[\XۈXX\^KX\HHX\H[]Y][[\›[Z]YH\[Z\˂]܈\Z[][]X\^\\[Z\\KBPSTH SHT‘PS SPTL V MM MM TSԓSSSQPTS THSTUԈSHSPT LSH H H Q TSBT  LPSH H TH RSJBX\\[Z]Y\X\وH\B]\[]\][K˝Z‚X\^\\[Z\\KBB