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ART S | CUMNOCK TOWN HALL ARTS | CUMNOCK TOWN HALL A Fish and Game and Unicorn co-production The Polar Bears Go Up Lempen Puppet Theatre Company present Cardboard Carnival Cumnock Town Hall, designed by Robert Ingram and built in 1883/4, has undergone an extensive restoration project, designed to restore it to its former glory using traditional materials and updated facilities to cater for the needs of its 21st century users. The newly refurbished facility hosts a variety of shows as well as being available to hire for meetings shows, weddings and parties. Why not pop in and see the refurbished Cumnock Town Hall or contact the venue? CUMNOCK TOWN HALL GLAISNOCK ST, CUMNOCK KA18 1BY T: 01290 421028 TUE TO SAT: 10AM-4.30PM AVAILABLE FOR HIRE AT ALL TIMES Purchase tickets online via : eastayrshireleisure.com (£1.50 card fee) Access is limited to the ground floor SAT 14 JAN · 2.30PM · £3 / £10 FAMILY TICKET (2 ADULTS & 2 CHILDREN) Trunk, tail, ears or wings? A Carnival creates itself from all sorts of things! This is “Carnival of the Animals” but not as we know it. Taking inspiration from the music by Camille Saint-Saëns, a little help from Darwin and a whole lot of cardboard to mash up a show full of puppet possibilities. Lempen Puppet Theatre Company tour their own unique brand of original stories told with puppets. Imaginative, spellbinding, surprising and sometimes bonkers! Cardboard Carnival Workshop SAT 14 JAN · 10AM-12PM FREE TO FIRST 30 CUSTOMERS (FIRST COME FIRST SERVED) This 2 hour workshop will inspire you to make animal puppets out of everyday paper based and recycled materials - especially card, paper, tape and cardboard! Group discounts available TUE 14 FEB · 1.30PM & 3.30PM · £3 / £10 FAMILY TICKET (2 ADULTS & 2 KIDS) FOR AGES 2-5 YRS · DEAF FRIENDLY Created and performed by Eilidh MacAskill and Fiona Manson. Directed by Lee Lyford These two lovable Polar Bears are intrepid explorers, famous for their wild expeditions. This time they’ll be climbing trees, jumping on clouds and reaching for the stars as they race all the way up to space. Of course, they’ll stop for sandwiches on the way! Timeout Productions I Will Survive FRIDAY 17 MARCH 7.30PM £14 / £12 / GROUPS OF 8+ £10 PSQSQ NQPT •\\[[[[[[و]ܙX]Y[[HY][B\[[Y[[H[X\ H[ž[\]\]HXX]^H[XB[[[X^[][XB[[&Hx&[HH[Kx&\H[BU HTS0 ˌH00NۈH^Hو[\H\ H[\˜[[X[[\\[H\B[ Z\ۛHHو\\H\][›ۈHX]^HZ\[\ˈ[BZ[\]H[YHۈHYZ\[܋HZ\X\Z\^HY]\H[[YX0Hق'[8&\[Yx'HH[Y[ۈ]X˜[][ۘ[Y[]K]ZYYHZ\[H\^H\H8$HܜY\܈\Xܘ[ۈ[]Z\]H]X\[[\X]B$^x&\HܘYXXHܝY[[\[[˂\[۸&\[X[]\HوYH[[[]ۛX[ۈ]B][۸&\Y\[X[\\ܙYܚ]X[XZ[H]H[H[ K[\[HY[HX\Xۜ[^\H[X]\[[ H[X\\ۘ[\]Y\˂MёPN MM MML VHPUӓSNX\^\\[Z\\KBMB