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KILLIE COMIC CON - SAT 18 NOV Spy Quest - An Update with David Goutcher 10.15-10.30AM · 12NOON-12.15PM · 1.45PM-2PM (ALL AGES) · FREE DICK INSTITUTE Breaking News FBI name Jewel thief Franco Rodriguez as suspect in the Hope Diamond heist. There will be three separate briefings for 3 groups of budding agents lasting approximately 10 minutes. We are excited to have David Goutcher, the author of Spy Quest: The Cursed Diamond at the Dick Institute and Grand Hall to deliver the updates about Franco Rodriguez. The Cursed Diamond book is one of the first in the world to incorporate augmented reality triggers that bring the book to life when using the free Spy Quest app. David will be signing copies of his books in the library between briefings. Everyone will have an opportunity to purchase a signed copy of either of the Spy Quest books which are Polybius - The Urban Legend and The Cursed Diamond. Both are £6.99 34 Writing Workshop with Magic Torch's Paul Bristow 1.15PM-2.15PM (TEEN-ADULT) · £5 DICK INSTITUTE Paul writes children's fiction, х)̰ͽѥ́Ё!)ЁɕéQMݕ)AɽЁ݅́͡еѕȁѡ-)Aɥ锁ЁՉ͡ظ!)́ݽɭչ䁑ٕ)ȁٕȁݕ啅́́)ѡչ́ѕɅ䁉͕ͽ)ѕɥ͔5Qɍ ̸%ձ)ٔݕȁ́ݸЁݽձ)ɕٕ͔ɭeԁ)Qݥѕɥѽ܁)ѽɍ) =`=% ̀