East Ayrshire Leisure Guide Sept - Dec 2017 The Guide Sep-Dec 2017 - Page 36

COUNTRYSIDE | DE AN CASTLE COUNTRY PAR K COUNTRYSIDE | DISTRICT WIDE Kilmaurs Walking Festival river ayr THE Walkers should wear appropriate footwear and clothing to keep dry. Walks are free of charge but children must be accompanied by an adult. WAY Sponsored Walk in Morton Park FRI 1 SEP · 9.30AM Come out and support the pupils of Kilmaurs Primary School as they walk around the park to raise money for their school’s coffers. The Endeavour Walk Bat Walks in Morton Park FRI 1 SEP · 8.30PM-9.15PM Registration from 8pm in the Jougs. Suitable for younger audience accompanied by a parent or guardian. FRI 1 SEP · 9.15PM-10PM Registration from 8:45pm in the Jougs. Craufurdland Walk SAT 2 SEP · 10AM-12.30PM Please register at the Jougs from 9:15am History Walk SAT 2 SEP · 1.30PM-4PM /4.30PM Registration from 1pm in the Jougs. Jim Dunlop Memorial Walk SUN 3 SEP · 10AM-11.45AM Registration in the Jougs from 9.30am. Dumfries House Gardens Visit SUN 3 SEP Registration at 12.45pm at the Jougs. Shared transport will leave at 1.15pm, returning to Kilmaurs at approx 4.30pm. 36 River Ayr Way Challenge SAT 16 SEPT ULTRA MARATHON: £25 SAF MEMBERS ULTRA MARATHON: £27 NON SAF MEMBERS RELAY: £50 PER TEAM BOOK ONLINE: ENTRYCENTRAL.COM As part of the Scottish Ultra Marathon Series, this event allows you to run a supported 41 miles of the River Ayr Way, from its source in Glenbuck to the sea at Ayr. This event now supports Relay entries that can be done in teams of three. Visit: eastayrshireleisure.com or register at: entrycentral.com ENQUIRIES: 01563 554736 The Parks for People project comes to fruition in the autumn with the completion of the redevelopments to Dean Castle Country Park. Explore further into the park than ever before with two new bridges and new paths linking Kennedy Drive to the core of the park. Let the kids expend some VW&wFP&fVB&BfBWB&WBvFƖfR&FfW'6GB7W7F&ƗGFRF66fW'6VG&R&V6&BFRFƖfRB2F@^( fR6VVFRf6F"6VG&RB6PFRFVƖ6W2VRFR'&vBB'Wp6l:6VV'&FRFRVrbFR6VG'&vFW"W6FrWr&w&R`WfVG2vFWr7FfFW2BFR&WGW&`BffW&FW2FW&^( 26WFrf"WfW'RE%e$4U +reХ&Vv7G&Fg&R3FRVw2DT45DRb4TE%$DT$B$42 CSc2SSCs3@$Bu$TE2TT"$TB45DRBd4D"4TE$RT㠤5D$U"D$4EТtTB5T␤$D4UDT$U#UФ66W722Ɩ֗FVBF&V2bFR67FPG&VVW6R6VG&P7&VFRWW&V6RbƖfWFRf W"672"w&WFR'&BWp66FFFRG&VVW6R6VW23`6f'F&R&2W6RFR67FR@6VG'&FW&RW&FvRGW&PB'BBvvBF&VvWB'6&PvFrVF&rvƶpB&RgFW"7VFrFRFWFF'2fRFVƖ6W2V6W'fVBFR"6W"vW"F6VF"W"ƖF'6r7FfFW2FVWBFRVVG2`W"w&Wf"&Rf&FB&rVàG&VVW6T6VG&TV7F'6&VW6W&R6ЦV7F'6&VV7W&R6У3